Cute Romantic Text Messages for Girlfriend

There are many ways to be Cute Romantic Text Messages for Girlfriend but you can also give a bouquet of flowers, draw a heart in front of her door, write a love song, give a passionate kiss … But there is nothing more romantic than the send a small message to the woman or man you love.
For hundreds of years men have sent sweet little words to their lines.
And even though romance and postal mail so many to disappear, some still love to send love messages to their darling. The SMS or the mail having replaced the enraged love letter.
If you lack inspiration to write a romantic message for her or him, simply browse this page to find the text that will match your relationship.
You will find beautiful and poetic texts for a woman or for a man.
To play the even more romantic slide, write one of these little messages on a card accompanying a nice bouquet of flowers.

Romantic Text Messages for Girlfriend on Birthday


There are billions of stars that populate the sky, but I only need you to populate my heart!

There’s only one thing I’m sure I’ve done well in my life is to fall in love with you. Thank you for being so incredible and unique. I love you

Love is like a rose. He needs constant care, dedication and daily nourishment. Since the beginning our love is like this rose: beautiful, perfumed and eternal. I love you.

Sometimes we love with our eyes
Sometimes we love with our hands
Sometimes we love with our bodies
But always we love with our hearts!
I love you

You are the spark in my eyes. You’re the song in my head. You are the light of my heart. You’re my all.

The finest things in the world can not be touched or seen. They must be felt with the heart … like my love for you.

Life is full of passion, surprises and happiness. But all this would mean nothing if you were not by my side.

For you, my smile will always be there. For you, my heart will never break. For you, my love will be infinite. I love you.

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It took decades to meet you and a second to love you. I locked the lock of my heart and I gave you the key. Thank you for having changed my life in such a beautiful way! I love you.

R for red. Red for blood. Blood for heart. Heart for love. Love for you. You for me. Me for you. You for me …. I love you.

You’re my breath. I need my breath to live. You are my reason to live. I love you.

Our love is like a beautiful bridge between your heart and mine. A bridge that we built stone by stone over the years. A bridge of which we were its own architects. I love you.

LOVE is composed of only five small letters and yet this word has such power that the other words must be jealous of it … just as other people must be jealous since I have you in my life! I love you.

Do you know how many poems were written on earth? How many love songs have been composed? I wanted to choose a nice poem or a nice song to fill this card but none would have really transcribed what I feel for you. Three words suffice to express all my feelings: I love you!

A word does not mean anything. It expresses no feeling. How a five-letter word like love could express what I feel for you. A strong feeling should contain an infinite number of letters … but it was not invented.

You’re a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day. You’re a soft blanket on a cold night. You are the sun after a storm. You are the love, the comfort and the warmth of my life. I love you.

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