Short Condolences Messages for Lover

Short Condolences Messages for Lover It is never easy to find the words to comfort his darling or love one after a delicate trial. We offer you here some examples of short condolence messages to support him at best.


  • I can not imagine the pain and pain you feel right now but know that I’m here for you. I love you.


  • I think a lot about you at this difficult time, if you need to speak I am by your side to help you to overcome this ordeal. I love you my dear.


  • No one is prepared for the loss of a loved one, do not forget that I am here to help you find strength and courage in this harsh trial. I love you.


  • When it is difficult to look back because there are too many memories, difficult to look forward because the future scares us, look at the sides you will see all your friends and I who are here to support you. I love you.

Short Condolences Messages Samples 

  • Call me when you want if you need anything, I am there for you in good times as in the worst. Rest on my shoulder my love.Victor Hugo says “we spend half our life waiting for those we love and the other half for leaving those we love.” Let’s be stronger at two my love. I’m here for you.


  • I would like to take your tears and put them in my eyes, to have pain in your place, to suffer for you … To see you thus breaks my heart but I want you to know that I am here, and that I will always be. Courage my love, courage!


  • Faced with this painful blow of fate, I find it hard to find words to help you overcome this ordeal. So I just wanted to tell you that I’m here, by your side forever my love.


  • I share your sadness, but we must remain strong my love in this ordeal. I love you.


  • I want to help you through this hard period, let me be the shoulder on which you can cry, arms that can comfort you. I love you my dear.

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