What to Write on Funeral Flowers

What to Write on Funeral Flowers for Family.It is customary for you to be present or absent at a funeral to send funeral flowers and to accompany them with a small word of sympathy for the family of the deceased.
This small word is usually composed of one or two sentences. That is why we must choose them. The content of the text depends on your relationship with the deceased and close family (colleague, friend, family, etc.). Indeed the cards of condolence accompanying the funeral flowers will be guarded by the close family of the deceased. It is therefore necessary to write a message of sympathy, memory and support.
It is not necessary to fully express your grief. Just be brief and concise. A short message can be strong and the close family will appreciate your gesture.

What to Write on Funeral Flowers Examples For Family

Below you will find several messages that can be used to accompany flowers or funeral wreaths following a death.
Even though offering flowers at funerals is traditional, sending in addition to a small message can become the symbol of your love and support.

    • With the affectionate memory of [name of deceased].
    • May these flowers celebrate the reflection of his life, light and love.
    • May these flowers express our sympathy and our sadness at a certain margin in this difficult period.
    • With our deepest sympathy.
    • Sent with love, for remembrance.
    • All our condolences. These flowers are benevolent words that are difficult to find in this period of sadness.

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  • These flowers for someone special, that will never be forgotten.
  • With these flowers, a thought for you. All my sincere condolences.
  • Receive these flowers as a token of my deepest sympathy.
  • Receive these flowers in place of words that are difficult to find.
  • With loving memories.
  • In tribute.
  • With our affectionate thoughts
  • Beautiful flowers with beautiful colors for beautiful memories that will never fade.
  • A thought for [first name] and some flowers for her who loved them so much.
  • To the sweet memory of a very dear friend.
  • My family and I are thinking of you in this difficult time.
  • Disappeared but never forgotten
  • These flowers for our hearts filled with sadness
  • Rest in peace

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