Best Inspirational Christmas Quotes and Images

Feast of Roman and Christian origin (which commemorates the birth of Jesus) Christmas is celebrated every year on the night of December 24 to 25 but also on December 25 all day.
The children watched Santa’s sleigh and reindeers, the distribution of gifts in the evening, and the arrival of Santa Claus. The end of year celebrations are always a special moment with a desire to meet with family or friends. Christmas Day adds a touch of magic. Merry Christmas !
Here is a collection of Christmas quotes, for the pleasure of reading and for your wishes to your loved ones.

Cute short Inspirational Christmas Quotes

“He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find it at the foot of a tree.”
Roy Lemon Smith

“At Christmas, I do not want more pink than I would like to snow in spring. I love every season for what it brings.”
William Shakespeare

“Christmas is not a day or a season, it’s a state of mind.”
Calvin Coolidge

“When you have a good conscience, it’s always Christmas.”
Benjamin Franklin

“Christmas is the day before, it’s the wait.”

Georges Dor

“Without the gifts, Christmas would not be Christmas.”
Louisa May Alcott

“Happy Merry Christmas
A thousand candles
When singing towards the sky
The bells of the night. ”
(Chanson “vive le vent”)

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“It is not only to deceive our children that we maintain them in the belief in Santa Claus: their fervor warms us, helps us to deceive ourselves.”
Claude Lévi-Strauss

“Christmas is the only day of the year when men behave like the geese of Périgord, but without forcing themselves.”
Pierre Desproges

“I put my shoes in front of the fireplace, Santa brought me some feet.”
Philippe Geluck

“I realized that Santa did not exist when I was 5. I went into a department store and he asked me for an autograph.”
Shirley Temple

At Christmas I do not want more pink than I would like to snow in spring. I love every season for what it brings

I heard the Christmas bells-I listened to the old familiar songs-And their powerful and gentle words recall-Peace on Earth to men of goodwill!
[Christmas Bells]

When decorating a Christmas tree, we always feel like we need a garland more

Childhood is to believe that with the Christmas tree and three snowflakes all the earth is changed.

Christmas is here, – This merry Christmas, gifts full of arms, – Which warms our hearts and brings joy, – Day of the most beautiful memories, – More beautiful day of the year.

When the Christmas light is allowed to die, there is only one way to rekindle it. It is to seek the fire of the stars.

“Christmas, Peace to men of goodwill”
Pope Leo the Great

Inspirational Christmas Song

“It’s Christmas every time we wipe a tear in the eyes of a child,
It’s Christmas every time we lay down weapons, every time we get along,
It’s Christmas every time you stop a war and open your hands,
It’s Christmas every time you force misery back further. ”

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