Merry Christmas to Everyone Poem

Merry Christmas to Everyone Poem for every one who love poems and quotes.Merry Christmas to All

It was Christmas night, a little before midnight,
At the time when everything is calm, even the mice.
We had hung our stockings before the fireplace,
For Santa Claus to find them as soon as he arrives.

Nestled warmly in their little beds,
The wise children had already fallen asleep.
Mom and I, in our nightgowns,
We had hardly breathed the candle,
When outside, a sound of bells,
Made me slip out of underneath my quilt.

Spinning like an arrow to the window,
I scrutinized the starry sky above.
Above the snow, the sparkling moon,
Illuminated the night as if it were daylight.

I could not believe my eyes when it appeared in the distance,
A sleigh and eight reindeer no bigger than a fist,
Led by a playful little character:
It was Santa Claus I knew.

His steeds flew as if they had wings.
And he sang to encourage them:
“Go on Tornado !, Go Dancer!” Come on, Fury and Dash!
Forward Comet and Cupid! Go Eclair and Thunder!
Straight towards this porch, straight to this wall!
At gallop gallop my friends! The triple gallop! ”

Like the dead leaves, carried away by the wind,
Who ascend towards heaven to overcome obstacles,
The steeds flew up to the top of my head,
With the sled, the toys and even the Santa Claus.

Soon after I heard resonating on the roof
The impetuous trampling of their little hooves.
Once the window was closed, I turned around,
Just when Santa was coming out of the fireplace.

His fur coat, his boots and his hat,
Were somewhat soiled by ashes and soot.
Thrown on his shoulder, a bag full of toys,
He looked like a very curious merchant.

He had pink cheeks, charming dimples,
A nose like a cherry and sparkling eyes,
A small mouth smiled all the time,
And a very large beard of a truly immaculate white.

From his lighted pipe stuck between his teeth,
Into whirlwind swirling volutes of smoke.
His face was full, and his belly round
Jumped when he laughed, like a small balloon.

He was so plump, so chubby, that mischievous elf,
That I put myself in spite of myself to laugh behind my hand.
But with a nod and a nod,
He made me understand that I risked nothing.

Then without saying a word, for he was in a hurry,
Hastened to fill the stockings, to the last,
And greeted me with a finger on the wing of the nose,
Before disappearing into the chimney.

Then I heard him whistle his handsome crew.
Together they flew like a feather to the wind.
Before disappearing Santa Claus cried:
“Merry Christmas to all and a good night. ”

A little smile!
A word of cheer!
A bit of love from someone near!
A little gift from one held dear!
Best wishes for the coming year!
These make a Merry Christmas!

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