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Pregnancy Quotes: A friend, a sister or colleague is pregnant and you just learned the good news! It is necessary to send a message to congratulate the mother! But what words used? How to find the right formula that will show all the joy that you feel for your friend?
Pregnancy is a special time in the life of a woman. Excitement, hope, fear, apprehension, joy … all these feelings pass into the head of a pregnant woman in the nine months of her pregnancy. Next the personality of your friend or colleague, you should send a message that, at first, will congratulate but also reassure the fun or just to please him.
We combine several texts to you free that you can send congratulations on the occasion of pregnancy. You choose the one that will seem most appropriate. These messages will be perfect to be sent by mail or SMS.
And remember this, sending wishes for a pregnancy quotes is part of the magical journey of prospective parents, so choose well!

Pregnancy Quotes Congratulations Pregnancy

 I send you all my best wishes on the occasion of this good news. I wish you a happy and fulfilling pregnancy, not to enjoy every moment of this amazing step before the arrival of your little angel!

 Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’ll be a great mom!

Wow congratulations! I am so excited and happy to hear this good news! You will make a great mom !!

Congratulations to mom-you! I am convinced that you will be a great mother to your child! I wish you a great pregnancy!

This is great news! We are already looking forward to meeting this future member of our family!

Congratulations for this little being that you keep warm in your belly for 9 months and a lifetime in your heart!

Pregnancy is one of those magical moments to be enjoyed every moment! I wish you a nice and relaxing pregnancy. With congratulations.

Congratulations … you are about to super adventure, may be the biggest of your life: becoming a mother. Hugs, smiles and laughter soon spice up your life!

You are pregnant ! You know what that means? Preparing the nursery, maternity leave, buying smaller clothes … lots of little happiness into perspective … waiting for the greatest happiness happens in 9 months! It will pass quickly ! Congratulations!

Pregnancy allow you to see life in a different way simply because you will experience what it feels like when it is created. Congratulations !

Pregnancy is a joyous cocktail, excitement, hope, happiness and sometimes fear and apprehension. Shaking our good cocktail for 9 months is obtained matter what a beautiful baby that leaves us more than the joy and happiness! Congratulations.

Congratulations on this great ad! All your first time will soon begin: first kicks, the first time you see your baby’s first smile. A beautiful full of discoveries adventure begins! Enjoy every moment !

The wildest roller coasters in the world are not found in Tokyo or the US … but in the 9 months of pregnancy a woman! The big twists and surprises will await you! Congratulations to both for this great news!

Simone de Beauvoir wrote “One is not born woman, one becomes one.” Well, we could also write “One is not born mother, one becomes one.” You’ll be able to enjoy these nine months to learn to love, to cherish and to know this baby is not there yet. I wish you a wonderful pregnancy! Congratulations.

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