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  1. Connection for life. ✨
  2. They complete me and make my life happier. ❤
  3. Thank God I have you to do me so much good. ❤✨
  4. Our hearts always know which people are worth. ❤
  5. Friendship is about blossoming together. ✨🌻
  6. I am grateful for the shared teachings, for your life, for our friendship, for us. I love you! 💗
  7. Some friendships bring so much peace that we don’t even know how to thank them. 🧡
  8. You are the family my heart chose! gratitude 🙏💛
  9. Heart friends, soul sisters 💛
  10. Luck is what I had when I met you ☘☘
  11. You are, without a doubt, the best friendship I could have 💖💖
  12. May our friendship always be this delightful partnership of encouragement, strength and courage. ❤
  13. I leave my hug ready to receive you whenever your world is heavy and you need calm. Count on me and my friendship forever…👭
  14. I want you to know that I will be here when the flowers on the path die and the world seems colorless, I will be here ready to hold your hands and help plant new seeds, 🌺
  15. May our friendship be like the most beautiful flower in a garden. And that we are able to care for, cultivate, love and sow every day… 🌺 🆕
  16. Our connection is my best, that it will last forever ❤️
  17. Happiness is having you to tell, love, take care of… 💗
  18. Glad you came and here to stay! Thank you for so much 💖
  19. It’s about affection, complicity and love! The best 💞💞
  20. I am so grateful for you and for our partnership! May our friendship last for eternity 💗
  21. I think it’s so amazing these people who transmit a peace without even saying anything, that you look at them and feel that the person has a light soul…’
  22. The energy adds, the partnership is continuous, you are my luck and my happiness. 🍀
  23. Talking about yourself is always the best way to define unity. ❤
  24. Connections like ours are rare. Love you friend! 💞
  25. Good people recognize each other. ❤✨
  26. This is the goal of friendship: to have someone to be happy and smile with ✌️❤️
  27. Friendships make life worth living. Even far away, it is a bond that does not break and is always renewed 💙
  28. Surround yourself with light people, with simple words that get you off the ground. 🌸🌙
  29. What matters is not what you have in life, but who you have in life. ❤
  30. The partnership is strong, the enjoyment is crazy and the friendship is eternal! 💓
  31. While some choose perfect people, I choose the ones that make me feel good. ❤👭
  32. Happiness is not what we have, but WHO we have. ❤
  33. None of us alone is as good as all of us together. ❤
  34. To be a friend is to hold the wave, it is to skirt chasms and climb mountains of despair and never let go of each other’s hands. ❤
  35. You came to share, love, and above all add! ✨
  36. With you wherever, whenever, whatever. ❤
  37. Life will show, there are things that are here to stay! 🥰
  38. There is energy that beats, chat that pays off, intimacy out of nowhere, people who arrive and ready. Makes everything fit! 👭
  39. Some souls understand each other when they meet. 💛
  40. I’m proud of you, and grateful for your existence, in this universe and in my life. ✨
  41. There are people in our lives who make us happy for the simple chance that they crossed our path. 🧡
  42. Friendship is to add joys, to share sorrows, is to flourish together. ✨🌻
  43. FriendShip Status for whatsapp
  44. Making friends is a gift, having a friend is a blessing! ❤👭
  45. Friendship is when our soul opens a little space for someone else to live. ❤✨
  46. Hang out with people who are good for you and complete your vibe! 💓
  47. Beside you, I blossom with so much love that I overflow! ✨🌻
  48. Live beside those who vibrate good and love at the same frequency as you! ❤👭
  49. Live beside those who vibrate good and love at the same frequency as you! ❤👭
  50. Nobody makes me happier than you guys make me! ❤👭
  51. Happiness is meeting beautiful people, with a soul full of light, those that we want to take with us for life! ❤👭
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  53. Life will show, there are things (and people) that are here to stay! ❤✨
  54. Friendship is like that, in laughter and crying. ❤✨
  55. And every moment we live, a remarkable story to tell. ❤
  56. We have a connection that has no explanation. 💛
  57. The unexpected made us inseparable. ❣❣
  58. Good souls recognize themselves by energy! ❤❤❤
  59. For us, really rich is the one who can boast good friendships.’
  60. Friendship is a pact where inequality feeds love… 👌💖
  61. Friendship is nothing but cultivation. 💓💓
  62. There are people who make our journey more meaningful… For the company, for the support, for the affection and because they make us better! 😉😊💜
  63. Friends we don’t even look for, our hearts find! ❤❤
  64. Because I choose the friendships that make me feel good.”
  65. A toast to the friends who accompany us in the best and worst moments!🍷🙂
  66. It’s really good to know that there are people who arrive suddenly and it’s really worth knowing! 🙂😊☺️
  67. I’ll never forget the times you let go of your problems just to make me smile!😊😊
  68. Friendship is the art of making life easier for those we love! 💗
  69. One of the joys of friendship is knowing who to trust… ☺❣
  70. What’s rare lasts forever: whether it’s true love or pure friendship.’
  71. Friend is the one who holds you when the whole world pushes you! 🌎💓
  72. Gratitude is the word that defines our friendship. 💟
  73. Friends are our soul relatives. 💓💓
  74. Thank God I have friends that I will always take with me. ❣❣’
  75. Friends make life lighter. ❣❣
  76. Friendship status
  77. The greatest love is one that comes in the guise of true friendship. 😍😍
  78. I don’t need models. I don’t need heroes. I have my friends. ❣❣
  79. If I made you my friend, now you are unique in my world. 💕🌎✨
  80. Rooted friendship gives flowers, fills life with colors! 💜💜
  81. We don’t find anyone in this life by chance! 💕💕
  82. Amazing is when the friendship of a short time seems to be years!
  83. There are people we don’t see every day, but we love them every hour! 💘💘
  84. My friends? Few, crazy, but the best one could have. ❣❣❣
  85. Cultivate friendships like flowers. 🌼💛🌷💜
  86. Anyone who has friends in this life has everything!❤
  87. Privilege is having true friendships in life! ❣❣
  88. Friendship is loving, respecting, protecting, trusting. 😍💖
  89. Friendship is never leaving! 💟💟
  90. When you have real friendships, you have treasures! 😍😍
  91. Friends are loyal companions who care for us in times of distress. 💝💝
  92. The best part of a person’s life is in their friendships… 👌❤