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Do you want to impress your loved ones on facebook than try these Love status for Facebook. These romantic quotes will touch the inner core of your lover’s heart. We’ve done a great research to prepare these love quotes. Our specialists prepared these amazing romantic quotes specially for facebook status update.

Social media and Social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp etc became the biggest source of communication now a days. People can interact with each other via social media as well as they can also express their feelings and their emotions. I’ve seen many couples who love each other want to express their feelings with different ways. Some times they posts some romantic pictures on their facebook status while some times they post some romantic quotes which they dedicate to their lover. Check out our post, here you will get best romantic quotes to post on your facebook status.

100 Best Love status for Facebook

Following are the best love quotes for facebook status update. Read every single one very carefully and chose one for your own facebook or Whatsapp status. We assure you that you will get maximum likes, comments and shares on your update.

When I see my phone light up, I always hope that it’s a text message from you….

This distance between us could never stop me from loving you…

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

Love is made by trust, respect, and caring.

I love you no matter what you do, but do you have to do so much of it?

one should love someone till he receives PAIN

I love you more today than yesterday but I love you less today than I will tomorrow….

Some love one, some love two. I love one that is you.

Now you know …… No one’s ever loved anyone as much as I love you.

I love you and you love me. That’s all we’ll ever need.

Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning!

You Have No Idea How Much You Make Me Smile <3

Best Funny Quotes for Facebook Status Updates

It hurts to have u in my heart when i want you in my arms.

Dream about me, Trust in me, Hold me always, Love me forever!

feels like half of me is missing and i hate this feeling :O(

Sometimes love doesn’t last 🙁

Unconditional love isn’t a weakness. Its a strength that will lead you forever!

Wishes somethings had a ‘L O V E’ button!

I’m naked and starting without you 😉

If ever you forget ill tell you again, I love you forever.because your my best friend

We accept the love we think we deserve..

I’ll always love you. Until my heart stops beating.

If you really LOVE her, you wouldn’t be afraid to tell the whole world.

♥ True love doesn’t have a happy ending. It has NO ending ♥.

I’m touching you, but you can’t feel, i scream at you, but you can’t hear

Everyone has the right to envy me because I have you.

I hope someday you too can find love without loneliness.

You are the keeper of my heart love is like 2 dollar bills hard to find but it exist.

Every day, Every hour, Every minute, and Every second. I cant stop Thinking of You!

True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends.

To say ‘I love you’ one must first be able to say the ‘I.’

One of the reasons WHY I Love You IS because You Make Me Smile For No Reason….

I love you more than stars in the sky and fish in the sea.

I love you not because I need you BUT I need you because I LOVE YOU.

We can’t be friends ‘Cause I’m still in love with you.

The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do.

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Confucius says Love one another. If it doesn’t work, just interchange the last two words.

I can’t make you love me but you can’t keep me from loving you.

I carry your heart inside my heart You are my soul mate I will always belong to you.

Every girl has a chance to meet her prince. It’s just up to her to realize he’s the one <3

I don’t need a knight in shining armor.. I have my country boy and that’s even better

whenever i think about you i get butterflies.

I Love you because no one else in the world can make me feel the way you do.

I must be the luckiest girl ever because I have such an awesome boyfriend!!

My boyfriend is so freaking AWESOME!!!

Love your boyfriend while u can cause they wont always be there.

Since I met you I smile more, laugh easier and sleep less <3.

i love how its so easy for you to put a smile on my face 🙂 .

I blush when I talk to you,i smile when i see you,I get butterfly’s when we kiss.

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More Romantic Quotes for Facebook Status

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Love isn’t finding somebody who is perfect, it’s finding their imperfections perfect.

The nights I don’t dream about you, are the nights I stay up thinking of you…

The way your hand fits into mine is like no puzzle I’ve ever seen before.

you look past my flaws, and call me beautiful.

Everyone has a happy place… Mine is in the arms of my amazing boyfriend:)

when we’re apart, you still mean everything to me.

When i look into your eyes i see something different..Different than the others.

Boy: Because you’re the best I’ve ever had and I love you :).

Love you today + Love you tomorrow = Love you forever.

When your away from me my heart stops.

“hello beautiful” is any way to make a girl smile :).

Its the little things you do that make my heart feel alive.

Best Tamil Love Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Act like you love me hurts me more..then any thing!

When you touch my face I can’t help but blush.

I love it when you send me a text that makes me smile at my phone like an idiot :).

Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true. Well if your love is true then its perfect.

Sometimes I just want to see my future to make sure your in it.

3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning…I love you…You mean the world to me.

I love you now like I’ve loved you when we first met, you are the other half that makes me whole.

Its not that I’m afraid to tell you i Love You, I’m just afraid of your response.

My real smile comes when i am with you.

I am pretty sure that every soul gets delighted when doing kind deeds.

I text you first because I miss you. If I don’t text you, I’m waiting for you to miss me.

You two are one of the best couples I have ever seen, may you stay happy always.

Feeling perfectly happy being single, until you see a happy couple.

Life is impossible without love.

Difficult things become more difficult if you delay them.

Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see everything you need.

Who loves nobody, can’t love even himself.

A hundred hearts would be too few To carry all my love for you.

Love demands less than friendship.

A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.

True love is when you don’t need to care about how you look anymore.

Everything seems beautiful if you look at it with love.

Jealousy is always born together with love, but does not always die without it.

If love is true …it will always find a way

Truth is I miss you. All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

Best Ever Love Status Quotes for Whatsapp in English

True love is when he does little things for you before you ask.

It’s amazing how stupid you can be when you are in love.

True love is modest and shy.

To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and be loved is everything.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

The worst disease in the world is hate. And the cure for hate is love.

Spread more love than hate.

I love my best friends because we hate the same things.

Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes.

I love you, but I hate the way you act sometimes.

The more we are filled with love, the less room there is for hate.

It takes a lot to hate you, it take too much to forget you, but it took so little to love you..

I hate you , we break up . You call me , I love you again .

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