Heart Touching Sad Quotes About Life That Make you Cry

When we are being hurt by someone, then we are sad or sad feeling then we decide lioness so we welcome to the blog that will allow you to find a Sad Quotes About Life That Make you Cry and feeling about sadness! There are many reasons for being to sad a breakup in love, a disappointment in friendship, an empty passage, a small depression, Husband wife disappointment etc.
You will find many sad saying on all these themes on this page. Every sentence can be useful for your Facebook or your whatsup status collections! Each quote can represent a situation in your life.

Sad Quotes About Life sad quotes about pain


Love is like a storm, it starts with a thunderbolt and it ends under the great waters

It is not because you have no heart that you had to leave with mine

Mouse to the people that will avoid you to explain to them why it goes wrong.

To refuse to love for fear of suffering is like refusing to live for fear of dying.

Do not let your past steal your present

Happiness does not exist, it is just suffering that pauses

Words come out easily from the mouth of those who utter them. But are harder to forget for those who hear them

It’s crazy how people can change quickly. One day one is important and the next day nothing more

Life is a tribunal where everyone allows himself to judge.

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Find a place inside you where you will find joy and use it to burn your pain

It is difficult to be happy, especially when you keep in your heart all the things that make you sad

If you cry too much because you have lost your sun, your tears will keep you from seeing the stars …

I think I’m the saddest person I’ve ever met

If one day I had known that by crossing your eyes I would fall in love with you, I would have closed my eyes

One tear: 1% water, 99% feelings

You know that you are in love as soon as you start to suffer.

Happiness does not exist, it is suffering that pauses.

A girl is to take or leave. It is not to be taken to leave it.

Perhaps it is because my heart is crumbling that I attract the pigeons!

Life is a fairy tale that loses its magical powers when we grow up

It is not because my smile is beautiful that my story is beautiful

No one notices your sadness and your pains. But everybody notices your mistakes

Re-read a conversation and realize that everything has changed

Being without you is like Facebook without friends, MySpace without singers, YouTube without music, Google without results.

The girls with the most beautiful smiles always seem to tell you the saddest stories

Life is too shy, she dares not smile at me.

When we do not cry, we listen to sad songs to depress even more, it’s like a self-torture.

Sadness comes from the solitude of the heart

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