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Short Condolences Messages Quotes

Short Condolences Messages: When you can not find the words to express what you feel after a death, a quote or a saying can help. Let it be into you for introduction or inspiration, a quotation from a famous author can help you write a message of condolence.

We gather on this page Condolences and Sympathy dozens of quotations from well-known and pretty anonymous phrases on the theme of the disappearance of a person you love death, or grief.

Feel free to browse through, they will help you find the right words to accompany your sympathy card, flowers, or writing a word of mourning register.

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Whether for a father, a mother, a friend, a colleague, or a member of your family, you’ll find the right words with these beautiful quotes full of meaning and minds. An African proverb says “Condolences are not raised the dead but they maintain trust among those who remain. ” We hope these quotes help you know your loved ones’ comfort.

Short Condolences Messages Saying

Love is the only thing that prevails in eternity
Antonine Maillet

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure

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Grief is the price we pay for love.
Elizabeth II

When we lose someone we love, it seems that time stands still.

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We spend half of his life waiting for those we love and the other half to leave loved ones.
Victor Hugo

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.

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When the heart weeps for what has been lost, the spirit rejoices in what was left.
Sufi Epigram

We understand death only after she put her hands on someone we love.
Anne L. de Stael

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All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
Helen Keller

Life and death are one, as the river and the sea are one.
Kalil Gibran

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