Top Heart Touching Messages of Condolence

How to write Heart Touching Messages of Condolence? How to formulate what you feel for the person who has just lost a husband, father, brother or friend …? Even if you know that this message should be short, you do not really know what to say. To help you in your writing, here are several texts in different styles and tones to allow you to express your condolences simply.You can use it to write your message in the appropriate

[Name] was a father, a husband, a friend, an extraordinary neighbor. He was a strong and loving person for his family and friends. And he was loved and admired in return by a whole circle of people whom he touched during his lifetime. I was happy to be part of these people. I send you my condolences.

Heart Touching Messages of Condolence on Death

I learned of the premature death of [First Name]. I would like to extend to you and your family my most sincere condolences.

Losing someone hurts but if you really like him, you have to agree to see him leave while knowing that you will one day be reunited again.

I send you my condolences. [First name] was a great person and she will live in our memories forever.

Our thoughts are with you in this period of mourning.

We are thinking of you in this difficult time.

I think of you in this difficult time. I wish that the good memories help you to see more clearly in the mist of the pain that you feel today.

I can not imagine your pain. I can only send you my sincere condolences.

I would like to know what to say but the words are not enough.

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Life teaches us a lot but never prepares us for such a difficult loss. All our thoughts are with you during this period of mourning.

We send you thoughts of love in this difficult time. Give yourself time to cry, and let your tears bring healing to your soul.

[First Name] will remain in our hearts and our prayers as long as we live. That [First Name] rests in peace.

A person you love is gone but will never be forgotten as long as you hold her memory in your heart.

My heart, my thoughts and my tears are with you in this difficult time. The memory of [forename] will remain in me forever.

I can not imagine your pain. I can only offer my sincere condolences and assure you that my heart is with you in this ordeal.

The soul of [first name] is now free and at peace. I pray that you will find patience, courage and strength in this period of mourning.

That [first name] rests in peace. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

I have so much trouble for you that I would like to take your sadness for even a minute and take it as far as possible. As it is impossible for me, I keep hope that it will diminish over time.

All my condolences, I hope that in time all good memories will comfort you.

We can not imagine how difficult these last days have been for all of you but we cry with you the loss of a person who had so much to give to his friends and the world. Our thoughts and our hearts will always be with you.

I know I can not let your pain go but I want you to know that I can be a shoulder and an ear on which you can rely. I think of you.

[First name] was a gift in our lives. We will never forget it.

I send you love, thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time.

I have collapsed and I miss words. All my condolences. I am wholeheartedly at your side.

I know this must be a difficult time for all of you. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that if there is anything we can do for you, do not hesitate to tell us what you need.

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