Thinking of You Quotes and Friend Saying

Thinking of You Quotes the person you love is constantly in your mind? You do not spend a few minutes without thinking about it? But what words used to say “thinking of you” romantic or original way.
On this post you will get a small text to send to the woman or man you love to tell him that you simply think about her / him. A message that will make him happy for sure!
One of these little words can perfectly accompany a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates that can be delivered at home (or work place) to the person you are missing.
To show that you continually think of a person, why not make it deliver a beautiful bouquet? A small accompanying card with simple little words “Thinking of You” will mark the spirit of the person you love! Here are some saying and quotes collection free download.

Romantic Thinking of You Quotes Wishes

Until I can finally hold you in my arms, it is almost impossible to get you out of my mind. I constantly think of you!



Sometimes I wonder if the madness has not invaded my mind when I see the amount of time I spend thinking about you.



If you think the only thing that matters … so I relied heavily today.



Just a note to say hello because I thought of you!



Know that I think of you constantly that this is with my mind or my heart.



Forever you stay snuggled in my head lined in warm blankets thoughts.



Grandi Claudia sums up what I saw with you: “If you gave me a flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.”



The beautiful cards are always destined to important people in our lives. That is why I am sending you this beautiful card!

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